Ah, the lifestyle!

You’ve probably heard, many times over, the phrase “BJJ Lifestyle“. Many Academies boast the saying, but focus on one aspect of our art. There are schools teaching competition style Jiu-Jitsu, there are others that shun competition altogether and focus on self-defense only. In my humble opinion, neither should brag about the BJJ Lifestyle. In order to really experience the lifestyle you need to immerse into all aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That includes the self-defense skills and training, the competition tricks and practices, the live sparring we call “rolling“, the healthy habits, healthy ethnic foods to enhance your stamina and strength and overall health. The way you talk, the way you think, the way you dress, all of it encompasses the BJJ Lifestyle.


Most fitness enthusiasts have heard what a great supplement açaí is, but very few know what an actual açaí bowl looks like. The first time you eat one, it’s almost like a baptism, an entry into the elite world of BJJ. To some people its an acquired taste, but once you’re into it, it will become part of your diet regularly. Here at our Dojo, we offer a sorbet style açaí cup, that will give you the same vitamin and anti-oxidant benefits from a full sized açaí bowl, at a discounted price. It’s an easy and quick snack you can have on the go or while you wait for your class, or even to replenish after a hard training session.


As you begin training BJJ, you begin to enter this lifestyle we talk about so much. But you’re not there yet. But as you stick with it, little by little you’ll begin to show the signs that you have officially started living the BJJ Lifestyle. Sometime you can’t notice it on yourself, but as you notice it on your friends and training partners and then realize you do the same things, you’ll finally accept that you live the BJJ Lifestyle.

You’ll notice soon enough that you care for certain things more than before, or even things you never actually cared for are now on your mind. For example: Laundry! That’s right, washing your Gi (or Gis in the plural) often, is part of our everyday BJJ routine. Keeping a clean Gi is essential to keep bad bacteria away and show a respectful posture in the Dojo and towards your training partners. You’ll find yourself doing more laundry than you’d ever thought possible.

The number of t-shirts you now own is immense compared to before you started training. And you’ll notice that NIKE and Underarmor are a thing of the past. All your t-shirts will be BJJ related, and every time you see a new design you’ll want to buy it.

When you go on a trip, on a holiday, and will be away from home for more than a day, you think about packing a Gi “just in case” there’s a place where you can train for the evening. When you get to this point you’ll notice that, wherever you go, the main subject of your conversations will be Jiu-Jitsu. When you’re at work in front of a computer, you’ll find yourself surfing youtube looking for BJJ videos; when you’re with your cousins you haven’t seen in a while, the first thing you want to tell them about is this new thing you’ve started training in, namely BJJ. You’ll go to bed and won’t be able to sleep right away, thinking about the mistakes you made in rolling earlier that evening and how could you possibly escape that submission you tapped out to.

You’ll mature a lot too, but friends and family will begin to understand when you’ve been training and when you’ve been away from the mats based on your mood swings. When you’re regularly training your mood is always on “happy” mode. If you have to miss training because of another commitment, you’ll be miserable for the remainder or the night.

When you look in your closet and suddenly, you have more Gis than regular clothes. And then you find yourself explaining to your significant other why it was worth it getting that amazing  Gi you saw online for $150, because it was on sale and you only have 9 other Gis. You’ll get creative with your arguments, comparing your Gis to the Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci apparels she likes. Birthdays, holidays, you’ll always expect BJJ related gifts.

And then you’ll open your social media apps, and all you see in your feed are BJJ videos, advertising for BJJ stuff, and your friends list is comprised of all BJJ practitioners including big names in the sport that you’ve never met in your life…. but they are your facebook friends nonetheless.

Yes my good friend, if you can see yourself in these examples, rest assured, you are living the BJJ Lifestyle. And you should be happy about it, it’s great lifestyle. It has changed many people’s lives around. You’ll find less and less time for partying and over indulging in alcohol and other non-healthy habits. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people, that always look for solutions to problems instead of giving in to them, that will hold you accountable, will push you and help you be the best you can be. You’ll become healthier, stronger, happier, more mature. You will talk the talk, but more importantly, people will see that you walk the walk.

At our academy we offer self-defense, basics of Jiu-Jitsu, competition (advanced) classes, and open mats. Our students get together outside the Dojo to hang out, watch MMA fights together. We are like family. Our kids learn grappling and striking, making them well rounded and bully-proof. We offer new t-shirt designs often so you can dress the lifestyle, and we even offer the staple food of BJJ practitioners: Açaí. We are a BJJ Lifestyle Academy and hope that our students will choose the right path to be the best they can be.

See you on the mats, wearing your brand new Gi. OSS.

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